My name is Carson. I am a Pekingese and am about 9 and 1/2 years old. I came from the North Platte Humane Society because they couldn't adopt me out from there. You see, I nipped at someone trying to work with me. What they didn't realize was, I am blind in my left eye !!

Since I came to rescue I have been to Dr. Diane and got some drops for my eye. I have had a dental and am up to date on all my vaccinations. I tested negative for heart worm and am on preventative. I had surgery to reduce my fat little cheeks - the hair on my face kept rubbing and irritating my eyes. Now I am fine, and don't even have eye drops.

I am very good at the groomers, and don't even mind having my nails done.

Carson is a little shy and timid, but clearly comes around given a little time - and treats. He walks wonderfully on leash ... which brings him great joy !!

He's a very pretty boy, and will make someone a wonderful companion. He lives here with 5 other dogs and 2 cats. He is fine with children as young as 12.

Ivy came to rescue October 2nd, 2013. She was located in our local pound - picked up as a stray. When no one claimed her, K9HAVEN Rescue went to rescue her. She is an older dog (probably 8-10 years old), and her chances of adoption were slim. She was so heavily matted in urine and feces, we had to cut a big ball of hair off her face just so she could see. We contacted Chowser's Promise for financial aid ... we knew her vetting bill was going to stretch our budget. Chowser's Promise came through for her, and she was her road to recovery.

Ivy's most urgent need was for vetting and grooming and a bath. Physically she had yeast in her ears, a urinary tract infection, rotten teeth and was never spayed. After a trip to The Dapper Dog we found a pretty little Shih Tzu girl under all the mats, urine and feces. Poor, poor baby. After 10 days of antibiotics she was ready to start her surgeries. She only has 5 teeth left, but that's enough to devour her kibble. Her ovaries were covered in cysts, so the spay was long over due. She is heartworm negative and is on preventative. She is flea and tick free. She is house trained, and uses the doggie door faithfully. She is very timid and afraid to be picked up and petted. We are working on it a little each day. She loves her crate ... with the door open, and eats and sleeps in there. She will need a home with lots of patience and love. She is great with other dogs and cats.

Max is a beautiful, blond Pomeranian. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you like it) the groomer gave him a lion cut. Hopefully this will grow back in time. He will be 10 years old in June of 2015. He is looking for a new home for his golden years. Max is now current on all of his vaccinations, has been neutered for many years, has been tested for heart worms, and it proved negative. He will be kept on heart worm preventative yearly now. Max loves other dogs and cats and humans. He weighs in at 12 pounds right now, so he is on a weight loss program until he drops a couple pounds. His eyesight is good and has excellent hearing. We will have a dental done when he is more acclimated to his new surroundings. Max is crate trained and is very comfortable there. He is house trained and currently uses a doggie door. Max is a marker, though. As he is settling in here it decreases markedly. Crating, a belly band and very close monitoring when adopted should minimize this issue. He likes toys and plays a pretty good game of fetch.

Magoo is a little 9 pound, 10 year old Shih Tzu. He is a breeder release. He has been neutered, had his dental, current on all his vaccinations and has tested negative for heart worm and on preventative. His left eye is very possibly blind, and he tracks kind of funny to the left. The vets think there is some neurological damage, but they don't know what. My guess is it happened a long time ago and he is more than used to it.

Magoo is a very loving little guy. He wants to be where ever you are. He insists on sleeping with his person at night or you will get no rest. He is a dream to bathe and groom. Needs to be brushed often, but he loves it. If you intend to walk with him, he will need some work with a collar or harness and a leash. Rides nicely in the car in a crate. He is working on his house training, if you go out often, he will go outside often.

If you are looking for a little snuggle bunny, this could be your guy. And, he is a work in progress.

Maddie Jo is a pure bred Yorkshire Terrier. She was born October 24th, 2006. She is a breeder release, but does not appear to have had many litters. She weighs in at about 6 1/2 pounds, and is dainty as can be. Maddie Jo has been spayed and had a dental. She is current on all her vaccinations, tested negative for heart worm and has been on preventative.

Maddie Jo is a bit timid, but very loving and attentive. She loves to be on the couch next to you, or snuggled in a doggie bed in whatever room you might be in. She is a dream to bathe and brush. She lives with other dogs and two cats. We do recommend a home with no cats, as she loves to chase them if they will run. She will need to have some work with walking on leash, she has never had a collar or harness on. But, she is VERY treat motivated. She does well with using a (washable) pee pad in the house, but generally prefers to go outdoors. She can operate a doggie door just fine, but it goes much better if you go outdoors with her.

She is sweetheart and deserving of a loving home for the rest of her years.

GiGi (which stands for the gray ghost) is a beautiful, pure bred, 9 year old Blue merle Pomeranian. Along with that beautiful color comes the genetic defect of deafness. She is a sweet, sweet dog. She currently lives with other dogs and cats, and is friendly with humans. GiGi is up to date on all her vaccinations, has tested negative for heart worm and is on preventative and had a dental. She was spayed prior to being turned in to rescue.

She would be wonderful as an only dog. She likes all the attention of her human, will sleep with you, loves to be on your lap and can be a little snippy with the other dogs to accomplish that. She likes to be brushed and groomed. Ideally we are looking for someone willing to teach her sign so you can communicate with her. You don't have to know human American sign, just willing to make hand signs for come, sit, go potty (or go out), time to eat, treat, etc. Decide what you want to work with, and be consistent. The internet has tons of available information, and they now have a vibrating collar so that you can get her attention to look at you for instruction.

If you were looking for a true rescue dog, GiGi would be the girl for you. House training is a work in progress, however she is doing well with a (washable) pee pad, and access to the back yard with a doggie door. She does know how to operate it to go out, but does not realize coming in works the same way!!