This lovely Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) is Missy - she was brought to town and tied to a fire hydrant to see if someone would take her in. Fortunately she got loose and was picked up by the local police. She was in her last few hours of hold time when I found her. She came to live with us forever. No, she did not look like this then, and she was very sick. It was guessed that she was about 14 years old in 1997. But, she lived another 2 1/2 years, and was the light of my life. Please, don't count these old babies out. They will bring immense joy in the time they have left to give you.

This beautiful Golden Retriever is named Beau. His family moved and left him behind. His crime? He was 8 years old, and they didn't want the kids to see him grow old and die. Fortunately, GRRIN (Golden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska) had room for him. He spent a delightful month with us, and then went into their program. His foster mom, Harriet, failed fostering 101, and he is still bringing joy to her life. He is delightful with adults, children, other dogs, and yes, cats. He was our first official rescue. (The kitty is Maggie, and we found her in a busy parking lot, when no one came forward to claim her, she became ours !) Beau went to the bridge May 19th, 2008. Gentle journey big boy.

Hannah, a 12 year old miniature Schnauzer, came to rescue with Sitka January 7th, 2004, when their family had a medical crisis. Hannah was adopted almost immediately, and went to live with a wonderful family in North Platte.

Ashley, a 9 year old West Highland White Terrier (Westie), was a breeder surrender. She came April 9th, 2004 and stayed with us until April 24th, 2004 when she was transported to Omaha to be fostered and rehomed by Westie Rescue of Missouri. A.J. and her group do wonderful things for these precious dogs.

Hobbs, a little black Scottish Terrier puppy, came from the Riverside Animal Hospital in Kearney, NE. Dawn brought him here on May 22nd, 2004, and on the 23rd he went to A.J. in Omaha to be fostered and rehomed by Memory of Monroe Scottish Terrier Rescue.

Chloe, a 6 month old fawn Boxer, came from the city pound, where her chances of adoption were nil. She is suffering from Demodectic mange, an inherited problem that springs up in backyard breeding and puppymills. Black Hills Boxer Rescue stepped forward to take her in and treat this awful condition. She went to Rapid City, South Dakota August 29th, 2004. Unfortunately the mange was not her only inherited condition. Her last pictures can be found on our bridge page. Responsible breeding would never have produced a dog with these conditions. She was loved by many in her short life