This little boy is a orange and cream Pomeranian. His owner was put in the nursing home so Petie was brought in April 15th, 2005 to be put to sleep. The son said that Petie was 22 years old. We all found this pretty hard to believe. Petie was brought up to date on all his vaccinations and had a good grooming. Town and Country Rescue took him in, neutered him and cleaned his teeth - and Petie found a new home. A kind and wonderful woman had other older Poms and she thought Petie would fit in just fine.

This little 2 year old Shih Tzu was quite the charmer. Talk about personality !! His family found themselves too busy to give him the attention they felt he deserved. So they asked if a new home could be found for him. Chance had a neuter, all his vaccinations, a heartworm check and prepared to go to his new family, Lynn and Linda, in Omaha. September 30th, 2005 was a big day for Chance, and what a lucky guy he was.

This rough looking Black Cocker Spaniel was surrendered for euthanasia November 30th, 2005. What a sad face. So we got permission to find him a new home, neutered him, cleaned his teeth, gave him all his vaccinations, and off to Colorado he went. Cocker Spaniel Rescue & Vintage Dog Rescue fostered him and found him a new home. He thanks you Susan, and so do we.

This 9 month old Golden Retriever Mix was an inconvenience over Christmas 2005. He needed a new home, pronto. A rescue partner in Iowa was looking for just such a dog for her boys. Dasher went to Omaha to stay with rescue partner, Ann, where he was neutered, got all his shots and a good bath. Ann then transported him to Dea Jo and her family in Eastern Iowa. What a blessing Ann is to rescue. (His new family photo.)

It's was hard to know what breed this little guy was, but we called him a Dachshund, and named him Jinx. He was only 10-12 weeks old and had been thrown away out on a lonely country road on Thanksgiving weekend 2005. It was cold. He climbed up that bank at just the right time, because this nice lady stopped and picked him up. She couldn't keep him, but she brought him to rescue. He was covered with open, oozing sores that were ringworm. He took the treatment like a trooper. He was neutered, got all his vaccinations and began the journey to Illinois and his new family when he was healthy. Sparky is his name and playing is his game.

this is Missy, a 7 month old buff colored Pomeranian. Her family didn't want her anymore, so off we went to find her a good forever home. She was spayed, given all her vaccinations, and put up for adoption.On March 25th, 2006 a wonderful family in Colorado met us in Ogallala to take Missy to her new home.. Now Missy has a dog buddy, and two lovely children to play with.

Blackie, a Border Collie, was in a fix. Back in 2004 he was adopted from the pound by a kindly gentleman and his wife. But by March of 2006 both had passed away. Blackie found a new home in Elkhorn and new name with Mollie. MACK is a busy boy and loves his new mom. They are a team.

Scooter is an orange and white, 9 year old Pekingese. The elderly couple that had him felt in April of 2006 they could no longer care for him. Scooter found a spot in Hearts United for Animals to await placement in a good home. He now lives in Sioux Falls, SD.

Bill, a 2 to 2 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd could not stay out of the flowers - so off he must go. He was already neutered, and current on his shots. Once again, our friend in Ann had the solution. He went to foster with her in Omaha. She renamed him Brinkly, got him all bathed and tidied up. When her nephew came to visit they adopted him on the spot. June of 2006 would be priceless for Brinkly