Jaxon came to rescue May 30th, 2010 as an owner surrender. Purported to be a pure bred Shih Tzu, came in so matted we had to shave the little guy's whole body. He was very large for a Shih Tzu, but he has the most wonderful disposition. He stayed here long enough to get his neutering done, his rear dew claws removed, all his vaccinations, a heart worm check (which was negative) and started on his preventative. There seemed to be no interest in him out here, so on July 8th, 2010 he moved to Omaha and Little White Dog Rescue. We enjoyed every minute he was here, and we all still miss him. Happy journey sweet boy.

Joey came to rescue from the local pound on June 25th, 2010. He was found out on the highway .... tossed away like yesterdays trash. Joey had all his vetting done, then settled in to wait for that perfect home looking for a little bit older dog. Craig and Karolyn are so pleased with little Joey, and Joey is making adjustments to his new furever home every day. What a really special and loving little dog Joey is.

Muffin came to rescue when her family moved to another state, and they did not want to take Muffin and Taz, a little red Pom, with them. After having all her vetting done, Muffin was ready for adoption. She waited many months, but the Boeve family said Muffin was just right for them. She is a wonderful, friendly little dog ... and thanks to the Boeve's for looking for a rescue dog.

Shadow Rose came to us from an area shelter. When she tested positive for heart worms, she started a long 9 months of medical treatment. She is a wonderful, smart and very intuitive girl, and we enjoyed her immensely in the time she was here. She has found her new home where she will have a playmate just her size and energy level. We hope Jean, Keith and "Ricky" enjoy her enthusiasm for life as much as we did. Have a wonderful life Shadow Rose ..... and be a good girl.

Shasta Daisy is a 12 year old Sheltie/Chihuahua mix. KAAS thought she would do better in rescue, and have plenty of time for adoption. While here she was spayed brought up to date on all her shots and loved. Unfortunately, she did not like living with other dogs, so after a few months we had to take her back to the shelter. She was absolutely wonderful with people and cats, though, and found her new home in just a matter of days. You go Shasta Daisy.

Scooter came to rescue January 30th, 2013 following the death of his master. He was going to be 10 years old in the summer and he needed a new home. Helen lost her boy Benji in January and she was very lonely for a new companion. Scooter got all his shots updated, and went to the Dapper Dog for a new haircut. Both will have many years to enjoy one another's company.

Oliver (on the left) and Tiger (on the right) came to rescue within about 2 months of each other. Both had been abandoned by their respective owners and both were adopted within one month of each other. Each found an awesome home with young people that will keep them very busy. We are so grateful for both of these families who went looking for a rescue dog to fill out their families.

Peanut was abandoned in the same household in October of 2012 as Oliver and Charlie. Peanut is an older dog - somewhere between 5 and 8 years old. We thought she might be here forever .... but not so!! Mary and Don were looking for a little house dog .... just like Peanut. When we met she was so afraid. But, by evening she was checking out her new digs - and loving every minute. Thank you so much Mary and Don. You are just awesome.

Tiny, now known as Sammy J., came to rescue with Junior. He had been a much loved dog .... both looking for a new home due to changes in life circumstances. Sammy J. made the long trip to Wisconsin to join fur siblings, Jenni and Jesse. He made himself right at home - loves the dog park - and long walks in the morning and weekends. Bev and Marc are so special. All their pets are rescues. Sammy was here just 10 weeks.